Unlike other coffee farms, Indian coffee is often grown in shaded areas rather than in direct sunlight. This is said to produce some of the world’s finest and most premium coffee available, making it perfect for speciality coffee. Around 71% of India’s coffee farms are located in the hills of Karnataka, which receives a lot of rainfall and reaches temperatures of up to 45.6°C. There are over 250,000 coffee farmers in India, and unlike the larger coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, most of India’s coffee farmers own small independent farms. This makes it even more important to make sure that we support these communities and framers by paying higher than fair trade for their produce.

Sticking To Our Heritage: Direct Trade With India

With a heritage in India, we thought that it was only right that we have a coffee that represented this past. Not only does this coffee bond us with our ancestors, but it also showcases just how amazing and high-quality Indian coffee can be. There are a few reasons why other roasters may not use Indian coffee, with one of the leading factors being cup quality. Many coffee farms do not have access to advanced processing technology, with little education and focus, cup quality suffers leading to the coffee being sold at a cheaper price. Therefore, many roasters believe Indian coffee isn’t good, however, we strongly believe this is not true. For us, it’s all about building long-lasting relationships and excellent coffee. We went on the hunt for coffee that best suited our demands, hence, we began working with South India Coffee Co.

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Creating Relationships With India

Our relationship with South Indian Coffee Co. was established in 2019. We wanted to get coffee from India for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it would allow us to show what fantastic coffee India produces, and not many roasters use single-origin coffees from India as part of their seasonal range. Secondly, our family comes from India, and we wanted to bring something from our past ancestral homeland. We love being able to have a bond with our past and embrace our roots, providing our customers with exceptional coffee along the way.

India is better known for Robusta (canephora) coffee and teas, and unfortunately, coffee from India is typically underrated; we wanted to change this perception. The vision of South India Coffee Company (SICC) is to invest more into their people (farmers). Last year, the money we used to pay for 2019s coffee was used to build better infrastructure for the children of the farmers.

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About Mooleh Manay Estate

Mooleh Manay Estate was established in 2013 by 4th generation coffee planter, Ms G.G. Padmashree, to produce sustainable and environmentally responsible high-quality coffee using modern farming techniques. The plantation is located in North Coorg, on the banks of the Harangi backwaters in the foothills of the Western Ghats. Currently, Akshay and Komal, owners of SICC, are taking care of the estate. The coffee is selectively harvested and dried in natural sunlight over a ten-day period. Only the ripest cherries ensures the coffee is sweet, clean syrupy in the cup.

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