Our Story.

There is a story behind every cup of coffee, and Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters is part of the bean’s journey, roasting your coffee beans with years of experience within the coffee industry. Having first opened a café and then opening our very own roastery, Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters has come a long way since it opened in 2013.

The Story Behind Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters.

Lincoln Coffee is a family run business founded by Jas and Simmi. Having thought that Reading lacked the speciality coffee experience, the couple decided to open their first coffee house back in 2013. The exceptional coffee and delicious food served in the café quickly made Lincoln Coffee Reading’s favourite speciality coffee and bagel shop, and Lincoln Coffee became a well-known destination for coffee drinkers and foodies.

Jas & Simmi decided to enhance their customers coffee experience and expand their business by opening their very own coffee roastery. In 2018, they purchased a coffee roaster and began roasting their very first batch of coffee beans. After a lot of trial and error and hitting some learning curbs, Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters eventually perfected roasting coffee, and has established an excellent reputation for speciality roasts. The business started to expand even further, and Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters now roasts a wide selection of filtered and espresso coffee while maintaining a focus on ethical sourcing.

Our Key Focus.

While Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters has continued to produce exceptional coffee and expand significantly since opening the roastery, we still continue to focus on ethically sourcing our coffee beans. As a coffee roasting business, we promise to remain focused on the following:

Sourcing Ethical Coffee

Paying Higher Than Fairtrade

High-Quality Speciality Coffee