Our Ethics.

Where our coffee comes from has a significant impact on two things; the coffee and the farmers. We pay farmers a price that far exceeds fair trade prices, and by doing so, they can continue growing their business and improve their harvest quality and process.

Why Our Ethics Matter.

Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters focuses on ethically sourced speciality coffee from producers who take great pride in their work. We believe in paying a higher price for excellent coffee, far exceeding fair trade prices, in the hopes to improve farms and support coffee farmers. Currently, Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters has three direct trade relationships from Brazil, Colombia, and India.

A key focus for us is to show as much transparency within our coffee supply chain, making sure our coffees can be traced from farm to cup. For this reason, with every bag of coffee, you can find the story behind the beans, with information as to where they have come from and how the beans have been processed. For us, it’s about excellent quality, ethical sourcing and delicious coffee.

The Benefits Of Ethically Sourced Coffee.

When enjoying a cup of speciality coffee ethically sourced from a range of origins around the world, you can reap a host of benefits. Not only does your coffee taste better, but it feels better too! You can experience the combination of a perfectly roasted coffee bean and a feel-good element knowing your coffee supports our coffee farmers.

Better Quality

Fairtrade Prices

Improves Farmers Wellbeing

Organic Produce

Rainforest Alliance