Our Roastery.

The testing process of our coffee allows us to perfect the freshly roasted coffee beans found in your bag. Following a strict roasting process, our coffee goes through a range of quality control and vigorous taste testing to ensure it meets your satisfaction. All of our coffees are cupped weekly to ensure we have a consistent roast profile.

How We Roast Our Coffee.

The first step to any quality roast is sourcing the coffee beans. Here at Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters, we ethically source our coffee beans from direct trade and importers that follow our ethical values. The beans are then tested in small batches by using our coffee sampler, which allows us to try out roasting techniques to find the perfect profile for the bean to exert the best aroma and taste.

When we have discovered the best roasting profile for the beans, they are then placed into a 7-kilo roaster which is up to date with all of the latest tools, technology and gadgets to help us control the variables during the roasting process. These variables allow us to alter the airflow, gas and drum speed, which helps to refine the roast and offer a more consistent finish.

The Benefits Of Freshly Roasted Coffee.

When brewing a cup of coffee using Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters speciality coffee beans, you can experience an abundance of benefits that simply cannot be achieved through mass-produced instant coffee. Whether you like your coffee filtered, as an espresso or with a dash of milk, you can reap the following benefits:

No ‘Burnt’ Taste

Distinct Notes & Flavours

Intensified Aroma