Coffee Shop In Reading.

Having been a leading coffee shop in Reading for many years, Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters has grown into a speciality roaster with two fantastic coffee shops located in the town of Reading. Come on in and grab yourself a cup of coffee made with our speciality beans with perfected roast profiles and enjoy a homemade and delicious bagel!

Speciality Coffee Served By Professionals

When entering the Lincoln Coffee House coffee shop in Reading, you can immerse yourself in the delicious and rich aromas found in our speciality coffee. The Lincoln Coffee House team have perfected their coffee-making skills, providing you with not only a perfectly made cup of coffee of your choice but also a friendly face. Choose from a selection of roasts enjoyed by many of our locals as a morning treat or enjoyed with their lunchtime bagel. Our helpful team are more than happy to answer any of your Lincoln Coffee House related questions, also giving you advice on the best way to brew your coffee and how to perfect your latte when using our coffee beans.

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Get In Touch.

whether you have a coffee-related question or would like to know more about how our speciality coffee is roasted, please feel free to contact our team, who are always at hand to help!.