Our Origins.

Here at Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters, we have a multitude of coffees from different origins. All of our coffees are seasonally based, and half of our coffees are bought directly through our relationships. The other half are sourced from speciality coffee importers who share our values of ethical and top quality sourcing.

About Our Origins.

Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters has strong values in providing our customers with the highest quality coffee while also being able to provide coffee farmers with higher prices for their goods. The quality of our coffee plays a vital role in how our speciality roasts form in terms of flavour, body and aroma. To ensure that the farmers providing us with these exceptional coffee beans not only continue producing high-quality products but also better their living standards and expand their business, we focus on offering better than Fairtrade prices to our producers. To achieve this, Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters works through direct trade links with farmers or use imported coffee from suppliers that focus on the same ethics and values as we do.

Direct Trade Relationship Coffees.

Working directly with coffee farmers allows us to pay more than a fair price for their goods. Through this, framers can expand their coffee farms, improve their living conditions and encourage local employment. Our direct trade relationships include:







Imported Coffees.

While we are unable to work directly with all farmers, Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters makes sure that the coffee supplied by importers is of high quality and ethically sourced; this ensures that the farmers are given better opportunities. Additionally, our importers also create projects with the farmers to help facilitate and grow their prospects. Our imported coffees include: