With a wide range of coffee methods that can be used for brewing up a delicious cup of coffee, it can be hard to know which one should be used for your recently purchased Colombia Washed coffee. As the coffee has been carefully sampled and roasted for a very specific profile, it makes the method an extremely important part of the coffee process. For this reason, we advise using the V60 method; but what is the V60 method and how on earth do you use it?

Brewing With The Colombia Washed Beans

The V60 method has become one of the most favoured brewing methods in the speciality coffee industry, and it is no surprise considering it can help to draw out even the slightest of flavours. So, to make sure that you can thoroughly enjoy your coffee every time, here is how to use the V60 method and the best measurements to use for our Colombia Washed coffee.

What Is A V60?

The V60 method, also known as the drip method, has a v-like shape and uses a paper filter to filter out the coffee and provide you with even the most subtle notes found in the coffee. To use the V60, you place it on top of your cup and pop a paper filter inside; the coffee will then sit inside the paper filter while water is poured over the top, allowing the coffee to slowly drip into the cup below through the hole in the V60. This is one of the best methods for extracting the coffees full profile, making the measurements that you use even more vital in the process of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

The Perfect Measurements

Now that you’re familiar with what a V60 is and how it can completely transform your coffee experience, it’s time to talk about measurements. There are a few measurements that you will need to keep in mind, and each one will have a significant impact on the final cup. The weight of your ground coffee before you put it into your V60 should be 15g for the Colombia Washed coffee and have an extraction weight of 245ml. You will also need to make sure that the temperature of your water is 97°C; if the water is too hot, it will extract too much from the coffee too early, which will leave you with a bitter taste.

How To Use The V60

It’s all fair and well standing there with perfectly weighed out coffee and water of exactly 97°C , but if you don’t know how to use a V60 then you may encounter a few hurdles. Here is our guide on how to use this method for the Colombia Washed:

  • Prep your V60 – place your V60 on top of your cup and then place the paper filter inside the V60.
  • Boil your kettle – once your kettle has boiled, allow it to sit until it is 97°C.
  • Pour over your coffee – place your 15g of ground coffee into the filter, and then gently pour over some of the water just until it fully covers the coffee. Make sure to apply the water in a circular motion.
  • Leave your coffee to sit – allow the coffee to sit for about 30 seconds.
  • Add more water – pour in enough water to fill the cup and allow it drip for 3 minutes and 10 seconds before enjoying.

Enjoy Your Freshly Brewed Coffee

Now that you have all of the information to make the perfect cup of coffee using Colombia Washed beans and a V60, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your creation. You can find out further information about our Colombia coffee on our farmer’s blog, and you are more than welcome to contact the team to find out more about our coffee and for further advice and assistance if need be.

Brew Method Ground Weight Extraction Weight Water Temperature Time
V60 195g 245ml 97°C 3:10 Minutes