So, you’ve just got home with your freshly roasted bag of Brazil Natural coffee thinking about how you’re going to close your eyes and pretend you’re in the glorious Brazil sunshine, only to remember that you have no idea how to brew your coffee. Fear no more, as Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters is here to lend you a helping hand, providing you with the perfect coffee guide to brewing your fresh beans. So, throw away that thinking cap, grab your coffee beans and let’s make the best coffee of your life!

Brewing With Brazil Natural Beans

Every bean has been perfectly roasted using specialist equipment and careful sampling, ensuring that every bean meets our high standards. Depending on the coffee and its origin, there will be a unique roasting process to help draw out and perfect the beans profile. The way the coffee bean is roasted will also be determined by how we believe the coffee is best brewed. Our Brazil Natural coffee has been perfected to provide you with a carefully created balance of flavours that come out when brewed as an espresso. For this reason, the best way to get out the true character of this coffee is by following a very strict and refined process. But remember, you can always alter the amount of coffee grounds used to suit your preferred strength, but always make sure that you measure how much you use to ensure you can easily adjust and perfect your coffee. Contact the team if you are unsure about how to do this or would like further advice!

The Espresso Method and How To Use It

The espresso method is a combination of heat and pressure created by boiling water entering chambers to push the coffee through. When making espresso, hot water is pushed through a small and compact ‘puck’ containing ground coffee at high pressure. Most commercial espresso machines will use a rotary pump that will keep a constant pressure; however, a smaller machine, which is most likely what you will have at home, use a vibration pump which helps to generate pressure as the shot is being pulled.

While it may seem like such a small adjustment, altering the water temperature that pulls the coffee through can completely change the taste of the coffee, even if it is just a few degrees lower or higher. So, for the perfect espresso every time, we recommend a water temperature of 96-98°C when using Brazil Natural coffee grounds.

The Perfect Weight

Much like water temperature, the weight of the coffee has a significant impact on the final cup. There are two different weights you will need to consider; the weight of the coffee ground put into the espresso, and the extraction weight:

  • Ground Weight: for the Brazil Natural we recommend weighing out 19g of coffee grounds.
  • Extraction Weight: once you have made your espresso, the extraction weight should be 39g.

The extraction weight is how much the espresso shot weighs once the coffee grounds have dissolved in water.

Taste Testing Your Coffee

Espresso machines are one of the fastest ways to make an amazing shot of coffee every time, taking only 30 seconds for this particular coffee. If the coffee is too strong for your taste or not strong enough, then please feel free to contact the team for more information and advice on how to brew your perfect cup of coffee using the Brazing Natural beans.

Brew Method Ground Weight Extraction Weight Water Temperature Time
Espresso 19g 39g 96°C 30 Seconds