Something that we believe should be in every home is a nice bag of freshly roasted coffee and a V60. A V60 allows you to thoroughly enjoy the full extent of your coffees profile, bringing out even the most subtle of notes from the coffee. The Guatemala Natural coffee has floral and fruity notes with a syrup body, and the V60 is a perfect method to make sure that you can immerse yourself in the full profile of this coffee. But what is this V60 method we’re on about?

Brewing With Guatemala Natural

If you are trying out your first speciality coffee at home, then the V60 method with our Guatemala Natural coffee is the perfect place to start. The design of this magnificent creation is fairly simple, yet creates an intense coffee full of flavour. The combination of easy to use and exceptional coffee has made this device one of the most used and highly regarded brewing methods in the speciality coffee industry, and we have to admit, once you’ve used a V60 you won’t want to go back to your old brewing ways.

The History Behind The V60

The V60 is a relatively new invention that has taken the coffee world by storm. Having been invented by the Hario company back in 2014, the V60 has completely transformed the coffee brewing world, taking something complex and placing it into a simple device to create a subtle yet intense coffee. A typical V60 is made from ceramic; however, newer models are incorporating other materials such as the limited edition copper V60.

The name of the V60 comes from its two main design elements; the V being the shape of the device and the 60 being its 60 degree angle. The cone has been designed to hold a paper filter while the larger hole in the bottom allows the coffee to drip into the cup below. While the design is simple, it still requires very specific measurements to ensure that the coffee comes out perfect every time.

Top Tips For Using A V60

The first step to ensuring that your V60 works efficiently is to prepare your coffee. You will want to weigh out 15g of Guatemala Natural and then grind to medium coarseness; if the grind is too fine, then it can result in the V60 becoming clogged, and you will notice that there is not enough coffee dripping into your cup. Follow this easy step by step guide when brewing your Guatemala Natural coffee:

  • Prepare your V60 – place your paper filter into the V60 and pour over some hot water to rinse it out; this will make sure that nothing interferes with the coffees notes. Discard this water.
  • Get your beans ready – prepare your beans by weighing out 1g for every 17g of water and then grinding them. Place this inside the paper filter.
  • Boil your water – pop the kettle on and then leave it to one side to cool down to 96°C. Then, pour this over your coffee so that it just covers the coffee.
  • Allow the water to sit – leave the water and beans to sit for just 30 seconds before pouring over the remaining water so that it will fill up your cup.
  • Drip the coffee – allow the coffee to drip into the cup below for 3 minutes and 20 seconds and then enjoy!

Need More Assistance?

If you’re new to the Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters community and require a little more advice and assistance on how to brew your coffee or would like to know more about your Guatemala Natural beans, then please feel free to contact our team.

Brew Method Ground Weight Extraction Weight Water Temperature Time
V60 1g coffee to 17g water 19g (liquid espresso 40g) 96°C 3:20 Minutes