Are you as excited as we are to show you our new website? Lincoln Coffee House & Roaster has had a complete renovation to showcase our exceptional fresh coffee and to make finding the answers to all of your coffee-related questions straightforward. We pride ourselves on offering a fully transparent experience for all of our coffees, helping you to understand the story behind your coffee from bean to cup!

Quality & Ethically Sourced Coffee

Lincoln Coffee House & Roaster ethically sources coffee from around the world and freshly roasts these coffee beans using a professional roaster and specialist equipment to refine and perfect the beans profile. Through ethically sourcing our coffee, we are able to pay higher than fair trade, supporting coffee farmers and helping them to grow their business, improve harvest and support their local community.

Speciality coffee provides you with a completely unique and different experience every time you brew yourself a cup of coffee. Rather than a burnt taste, you are provided with fresh, clean notes, such as the fruity notes in our Colombia washed coffee. Using our Ikana sampler, we are able to test smaller batches of beans to roast, ensuring that we can find the perfect method for a balanced and intense bean profile.

Our coffee not only tastes good, but it also does good too. It supports the farmers that work hard to provide us with high-quality and exceptional coffee beans. Not only this, but the farms that we work with, our roasting process and packaging, are all sustainable, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and provide you with the ultimate feel-good feeling.

Lincoln coffee welcome blog

Here at Lincoln Coffee House & Roaster, we work directly with the coffee farmers or use importers that follow our ethos of ethical sourcing, giving back and remaining sustainable in the process. We currently have direct trade relationships with Brazil, India and Colombia, and you can find out more about these amazing farmers and their harvest over on our blogs page. Our blog page includes a range of articles and guides on the people behind our coffee and the best ways and methods to brew our coffee. You can also keep up to date with all of our latest news and information by signing up to our newsletter and following us on social media!

You can purchase a range of different coffees from our website, all of which are freshly roasted to order and delivered the same day as long as you order before noon that day. It will take 3-5 working days and is delivered via Royal Mail if you are outside of the Reading area. For those inside Reading, your delivery should be with you in a few days’ time, depending on our workload. You can also purchase some of our coffee in our cafés located in the town of Reading.

Come into one of our Reading cafés for a delicious, freshly roasted cup of coffee and tuck into a homemade bagel. Our staff are always happy to speak with you about our coffees and how to make them at home, so please feel free to come in for a coffee and a chat. You can find our address by heading over to our locations.

We would love for you to take a look around our new website, have a look at our blog for advice on coffee brewing and find the perfect coffee beans for your preferred coffee brewing method. Please feel free to contact the team if you are unsure about what you are looking for or need help in finding the best coffee suited to you!