D.R. Congo Washed Organic

A single origin, organic coffee.


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About the producer

Kahondo Coffee Washing Station (CWS) is one of 8 washing stations belonging to Virunga Coffee Company, set up by Schluter (now Covoya Europe) in 2012 to produce high-quality coffees for the specialty market and increase premiums for the thousands of smallholder farmers in the region.

The strategy for Virunga has been three-fold:

  • 1. To increase production through good agronomic practice

  • 2. To improve quality through education and strict guidelines for production and processing

  • 3. To obtain internationally recognised certification in order to generate better revenue for farmers.

Virunga has now trained over 8,000 farmers in GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and has partnered with them in organic certification. They have 35 field officers (trained agronomists) working in the region and distributing over 3 million seedlings a year to farmers in Eastern DRC.

Ethical, Speciality Coffee.

Inside every coffee bean, you can find a burst of flavour, aroma and body that provides you with an exceptional experience time after time. All of the beans are ethically sourced and roasted using professional tools and equipment to perfect the beans profile for your enjoyment..

Paying Higher Than Fair Trade Prices

Hand-Roasted, High-Quality Coffee Beans

Ethically Sourced Through Direct Trade