Excellent Customer Feedback!

Best In Reading

"Lincoln coffee was my treat for going to the gym before work. Their cappuccino managed to convince me to get up at 6 and go to the gym over the winter! Probably the best in all of Reading
Unfortunately I no longer work near there, but I’ve been able to pop into the cafe on the weekend a couple times for one of their delicious bagels.
The thing that made me write a review though was that, while we’re in lockdown, they’re now hand delivering their coffee to people in the local area. Not just that, but they called minutes after I ordered to tailor the order to my requirements!
Fantastic coffee house and I’m looking forward to being able to visit again!

The best coffee found in UK

"As a Brazilian, coffee is part of my DNA and here is the best coffee found in UK. Recommend and always come back."

best place in Reading for coffee

"I consider Lincoln Coffee to be the best place in Reading for coffee right now. The staff are lovely people, the service is always great, but most of all the coffee is interesting. They’re not afraid to experiment with different blends, roasts, and are happy to brew it in any way you’d like. My favourite is filter, which has never disappointed."

Best coffee shop in Reading

"Best coffee shop in Reading, a lovely friendly family run company! I really really miss them since i moved to London."

Excellent flat white relaxed atmosphere

"Excellent flat white, relaxed atmosphere. With so many places simply pumping an espresso and a small amount of microfoam milk into their flat whites it’s great to have one that tastes like it’s been made properly with the right amount of extraction, all the intensity without the overwhelming bitterness or dryness. A quick taste of their filter coffee before leaving and it was a complex taste, if slightly thin for me, but definitely enjoyable. I’ll happily come back for more 🙂"

Best latte of my life

"Best latte of my life’ honestly can’t find a single thing wrong with this coffee house everything is so fresh and tasty and the service is excellent. It’s a great way to start my day."

Amazing coffee

"Amazing coffee, astonishing welcome, beautifully designed and the Italian manager gave us information about what is behind the Lincoln Coffee House’s soul. Highly recommended."