We at the Lincoln Coffee House believe that coffee is not simply a drink, it should be an experience. With the hustle and bustle of modern day living, people want to escape from the daily grind for a moment with a nice cup of coffee and we believe it our duty to ensure that they are given every chance to experience that moment to its fullest with coffee made with care, delivered with enthusiasm and beans and equipment designed specifically with artisan coffee in mind.

We also have a range of exquisite specialty Tea's and Hot chocolates as well as fresh made to order juice and bagels. 


Our house blend is Nude Coffee, considered to be London's leading micro-roaster, they deliver unmatched freshness, quality and taste. All their beans are carefully cracked and roasted, then hand graded by eye. A truly exceptional way to lose yourself in a cup of coffee. 

 Our Baristas are highly trained and ensure that every coffee is made with care and attention that second to none.

Our house tea's come from one of the worlds finest artisan Tea Makers Waterloo Teas. They harvest tea from some of the worlds award winning estates from around the world. These guys really know their tea and provide a vast array of infusions and flavours.

Our tea is kept sealed poised only to see the light of day when touch with freshly boiled filtered water. 

We chose Marimba to deliver unrivaled sumptuous hot chocolate goodness.The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melt is made from a whole 40g of flakes of real single-origin chocolate.The result is a richer, smoother and more indulgent hot chocolate experience, available in sophisticated white, comforting milk and punchy dark varieties.

We make no compromise in the freshness department with anything we offer. Why not sink your teeth into a freshly toasted bagel laden with the finest of ingredients. We make these fresh to order with whatever filling you choose. we can't think of a better way to satisfy your hunger.

We also lay out a veritable feast of cakes and pastries, a little something tempting to have with your coffee.


You will find the perfect coffee at the following address:

Lincoln Coffee House,

60 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3AA


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